Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 38

“Yes,” he said seriously. “And it saddens me that even now you do not understand how much you owe to the lion.”

“How can I thank a lion for my life?”

“Are words always necessary? When you found yourself alone in the world with him, did you not communicate in your heart? And did he not answer with his good deeds.“

“I was repelled when he ate the flesh of the priest. I did not understand the savagery.”

“Didn’t you? It is forbidden to take a life. His response to save you was one of the purest of instincts . The beast found himself in an environment of mankind’s evil doings and reacted accordingly. If man is base, so is the beast.”

“I was afraid. Later, when he deserted me, I was angry.”

“You were left to help yourself.”

“Why did you not tell me that you were Adam?”

."What other person would have the power to send you into the past? And who else but myself would have an interest in your outcome? God gave me the power to help my children irrespective of where they are, past or present. The power of my priesthood transcends all the generations of time as well as that of other worlds. Your natural eyes can only see limited space, but there are unending universes and worlds, even a world of spirits which we are not permitted to see into just yet. Soon I will lay down this body and go to the world of spirits, and so will you. It is that paradise which you now seek, because there is no other home to go to until you have finished your work on the earth. What blessing do you wish from me?”

“Now that you hath spoken, I know not. All I ever thought about was the key. You told me that one of my ancestors had it.”

“Some of them did.”
"Apparently there is no key which unlocks a door.”

“No, there is only the human experience and decisions that we make along the way.
We must find answers to the hard questions; every answer is a key.“
“You sent me into the past for a reason. What was it?”

“To learn. You can tell me that you are good, but that is not so until you have finished your work and been tested. God promised tribulation to bring about the immortality of man. That is what you are seeking, is it not? To be immortal.”

“I was so stupid asking everyone for a key ….when I was really searching for a home. It was impossible for them to know how much I hated my own generation for reducing my world to cinders.”

“Yes, that is the way of it, but you evoked curiosity and compassion while collecting some relics.” I removed the sword. “Ah, the knight’s sword!” Adam carefully examined the inscription of the fleur de lis lion rampart. “Thomas gave you the treasured symbol of his manhood. The emblem the House of de Hollande adopted from Prince Echoid and Tea Telphi and the devotion and loyalty of Thomas. And of course, the lion rampart was continued through the royal houses of Europe to the very last as a symbol of power and authority. Something you should be proud of, Laboi." The beast growled. “What happened to the other trinket?”
“Heber’s Celtic cross. Caicher believed it.“

"Yes. Caicher seeks relics and signs to validate his druidism. To you he gave the National treasure of his people. You certainly made an impression there. Of course the cross was never worn by Heber, a hoax. No doubt you discovered that for yourself when you met the revered ancestor. What did you think of Heber?"

"Brutal, ruthless."

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