Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 37

Adam spent his days inside the inner-court of the temple where he was served by a large staff of family members. He had been alone for many years. Eve had long since died, but he always had the company of those who
resided in Adam-ondi-amen and reminded them of her singular beauty and kindness.

I was directed inside the atrium of the inner-court. It had a high vaulted ceiling which filtered rays of daylight into the room. The windows had no glass nor screens and afforded a spectacular view of the pink and white blossoms of crepe myrtle trees and a hedge of purple wisteria wrapping around the trunks on one side of the room and on the other side a view of potted daisies and rows of pink tulips. On the far side of the room was a series of open archways which displayed another spectacular scene of nature, zebras, lions, antelopes, camels, and a nursing doe. All of nature embraced him there.

Adam stood in front of a huge open fireplace rubbing his hands together over the flames that burned year-round for him. Lying beside him on the floor was a large sleeping lion. Periodically he quit warming the hands to pet the lush mane of the beast.

"I expected to see you," he said not turning away from the fire but cocking his head to one side. As I moved closer to him the lion stirred. "It's all right, the lion is compatible. I dare say, friendlier than the animals of your generation. You see, it was mankind who gave the animals their violence. I named each species, you know, and enjoyed doing it. I have always had a fondness for animals; they are like family.”

“He has a strong resemblance for Laboi.“

“He is Laboi.“


The lion reared his neck and acknowledged my presence. Instinctively I stepped over him and touched his soft thick mane. "Laboi! Why did you abandon me?"

“He saved your life. Can you at least thank him for that?”

The lion shorted. “How is it that he understands your words?”

"Regulus, you must be at tentative to the details of your task else the finer points slip through your hands. Actually, the lion is my companion. I only lent him to you in your day of need but first he asked to serve you."

"Apollogoram! Tis you! You are Adam!"

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