Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 35

civilization would restart the struggle, this time, with Enoch's grandson, Noah.

Adam’s pronouncement of individual blessings upon the heads of his posterity was eminent. That is what they came for. Enoch would be blessed for the great task of separation which lay ahead and Noah, as the patriarch of a new dispensation of time. Then he would lay his hands on everyone else, and bless them according to their needs.

pinched my way through the crowd trying to get near enough to hear but was elbowed farther back. Everyone stood waiting for Adam. When finally the ancient of days walked out of the temple onto the terrace he hobbled with great difficulty as he passed each foot in front of the other. His feeble body was bent to the waist and leaned over a scepter. His face had the jutted wrinkles of nine thousand years and his cheeks and jowls were thick flabs of folded skin. But the whole story of his life-time experiences were visible inside his eyeballs… saddened by the tears and disappointments of many ages. He wore the white robes of the priesthood and a tall turban decorated with golden emblems covered his thinning yellowish-gray hair which fell in loose curls around his ears. A de Vinci-styled beard grew into his lips and fell eminently low to the waist. My sympathies were with the venerable old man struggling to lift himself onto a rock wall and address his posterity. Then losing his balance, he reeled forward, but Enoch steadied him, and held him poised on the wall. I listened intentlyh. He prayed to God for a mercy blessing upon all of his kin. Then, stepping down from the wall, endowed with his eternal power and authority, Adam laid his hands on the heads of those nearest to him and blessed them according to their fath.

To Enoch, he gave the land southward to the sea and to Noah, the dominion over all of the earth including its animals. Each person, one after another, stepped forward and received a last blessing at the hand of the ancient of days. The hours passed slowly but the boney wrinkled hands touched the heads of his children with kindness and patience.
I desired a blessing for myself and waited. The night passed, and he had not finished the blessings. Then several days of assemblies occurred before the conference finally ended and the families began to leave Adam-ondi-amen. I resolved to stay behind and receive my blessing.

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