Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 39

Adam shook his head sadly. "Ah, but he was so appealing as a child, his heart was full of good intentions. Tis a pity that he turned away from his innocence and lowered himself into the
loathsome pit of lies.”

“What happened to Heber?"

"He was attacking a village in a remote region of Ireland when he was slain by a former
slave…killed at the hand of Emus....."

"Emus! Emus learned to be free?"

“Yes. Count your blessings. You did good there."

"What happened to Nel and Scota? Did they live the good life?"

"Yes, but nothing lasts forever. Thankfully Nel and Scota did not live to see the hordes of immigrants swamp into Scotland and destroy his little safe haven, nor the soldiers who enforced their doctrine with swords."

"He would have been heart-broken."

"You loved Nel."

"Nel taught me to pray from the heart. What would I have done without him? He unwittingly prepared me to meet the other challenges.”

"Now tell me about the ring."

My eyes fell on the gold ring Karscha had placed on my little finger. “Katscha....gave it to me with the promise that she would always love me and asked me to wear it that she would recognize me should we meet again. It was my utmost desire to go to Ireland and share a lifetime with her. But I knew then that I would never see her again. She knew it also.”

"Then….. why do you wear the ring?"

"Because she asked me to. It would be convenient if I could destroy the love that is in my heart for her. But I can only remember so great a love.”

“Jeremiah gave her in marriage to a prince of Scythia, a cousin of the same lineage as the house of Israel. It was to strengthen the faith and bind the families. The same for Tea Telphi. It was his plan all along. He saw upon you as an impediment to his vision."

"In the broader spectrum it was also my inheritance, but I did not know it then. Did she love this prince of Synthia?" Adam glanced away. Of course she did. It was in the nature of the dear, sweet Karscha to love family and friends. “Well, did she remember me?”

“I can tell you this, she waits for you now."

“You mean, in the spirit world?” My heart pounded excitedly.

“Be patient, my son, you hath not lived out your days…..”

“How much longer?”

He chuckled. “God hath numbered our days. Do I know the moment that I shall pass into the spirit world?”

The old patriarch pulled a blanket to his neck then dropping his head to one side, fell fast asleep. While he snoozed, I reviewed my situation. I learned not. I still wanted the easy way out, to find a better home than the one I’d left. The world had not yet ended and I had not earned my place into heaven. I was deeply ashamed. Adam stirred.

“Are you still here, Regulus?”


“What is the blessing you want of me?”

“If the battle of Armageddon did not occur, then life continues.”

“Of course, mankind cannot destroy the planet. It is not his to dispose of.”

“I must go back to my own time.”

“What will you do there?”
“Rebuild, I will help to rebuild. This time, I will not run and hide, but set the example and fight evil with all of my strength. Never again will I allow politicians to corrupt government and take away my freedoms. No more will I avoid trouble, but my actions shall make a difference. Thomas fought for his king, so shall I fight for my country and give my life, if need be. My voice will be heard for good. I stand strong in my faith and will face my enemies with power and conviction. And lest I forget, I shall always wear the sword of the brave knight to remind me. “

And that was the blessing Adam gave me.


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