Monday, May 24, 2010

Chapter 30

His name is Laboi. He accompanies me wherever I go. We are searching for an object, a key which will unlock a gate." "Gate?" "Yes into a world of tranquil peace and prosperity, where men do not fight their wars, but reside in selfless love and understanding." "There is no such place." "I thought that I would find the key was in Ireland." "What does it look like?" "It is made of solid gold." "Have you ever seen it?" "No, but know that it exists." "Yours is a pleasing fantasy....only a dream."

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"Yes, I feel this also." In the evening we settled in the meadow. The night sky sparkled bright with twinkling white stars and I lay on the grass observing the intricate patterns of the milky way. A full moon arose over the treetops and highlighted Laboi's flesh. There were no clouds and Emus snored loudly. I prepared to leave the region, taking a few crumbs from last night’s meal. The overwhelming feeling of hope swelled inside my breast. The pungent scent of wild flowers blooming in the brush filled the night air. I breathed deeply. Yes, this time I was ready to move on.

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