Monday, May 24, 2010

Chapter 29

Our journey to the west country provided a spectacular view of wild deer and fluttering quail. There were hills and rolling green
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valleys as far as the eye could see. Ireland. It's plaintive green beauty of the grasses and fragrant field flowers surpassed my imagination. The further we journeyed into the interior, the more I loved Ireland. After an afternoon of the horses easy canter over this gentle terrain, I laid on the ground and rested my head on a clump of thick grass. "Aye, a nap in the sun?" "You are too comfortable," Emus warned. "Heber will have his revenge if he finds us." I closed my eyes and let the sun be absorbed into my skin. But then a covey of birds flew overhead and a rabbit scampered into the brush. "Emus. Quick! Take your bow and shoot one of those rabbits!" After Emus fired an arrow into the throat of a rabbit I skint it carefully with a small paring knife. "The taste of the rabbit is both bitter and sweet," I said, after cooking it over the spit. Emus was quite pleased with himself. "From now on, I will provide." "Your independence cuts the cords of slavery." Emus grinned. He understood at last. My instincts told me that this single accomplishment would end my journey in Ireland. The prospect of leaving Emus before he found a home was troubling. But I had traveled the gut-wrenching journey of this vicious millennia and suffered myself to perform its horrors. "I have to leave you now. Do you think that you can go it alone from here?" Emus was a man disciplined to accept words without question. "There is one thing that I know, you are free. This freedom of yours does not bind your thoughts or silence your tongue." "You are free also, Emus. Use it the same way that I do."
Warning: US and International Copyright Restrictions Apply.
"Could you at least tell me where you came from and why you came to the river that day?" "In my country man was continuously at war, killing, raping and destroying all life, every person and animal, trees, plants. Nothing was left but a land of hot cinders. I came to the river to taste the pure water and bathe myself in the bubbling stream." "And the beast who is not tame but feeds you?"

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