Monday, May 24, 2010

Chapter 11

Scythia and Egypt. Hundreds of years had passed since the earth was flooded and tumultous physical changes occurred on the planet. Volcanic eruptions under the ocean separated platelets and land bases and divided the land into continents and islands. As these divisions occurred, the children of Japheth, Ham and Seth searched for new homes. Japheth’s descendants settled in Europe and the isles while Ham's grandchildren created an Egyptian kingdom while the descendants of Seth went into Asia. Corruption re-established itself in the generations after Noah and a mood to out maneuver the God who flooded the earth. Thus droves of people speaking the same language crossed the continent from the east into Asia and designed to build for themselves a great city. Their leader was Nimrod, the grandson of Ham. The center piece of the city would be an enormous tower which would protect them from natural disasters such as another flood and stretch for miles in a circular pattern. The word went over the land that it would reach the clouds and that the structure would be so inpenetrateable that God himself could not thrust it down. It would be the handiwork of artisans whose brick would be tempered in high temperatures, sealed with hard mortar, then cemented in coarse sand and lime. The finest minds and engineers worked to make the edifice stronger than any flood or natural disaster. I was hired as a herdsman of the five favorite Arabian horses of a Persian prince whose caravan was crossing the great arabian desert in search of a wife. The destination was the city of Nimrod. My masters were the King of Scythia, King Feinius Farsaid, and his son, Nel who'd left their home on the Caspian Sea with the mind to give a great treasure of jewels and metals to Nimrod and also to find a wife for Nel among his daughters.

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