Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapter 12

The journey was the land of shinar, where
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following the Tigris river southward, we would find the city. It was a warm summer afternoon and a gentle breeze pushed the tallow’s of plump yellow corn in long riveting waves along the fertile river banks. The fruit and vegetables grew fat in the sun, unfettered by birds or insects. All of the gardens and trees were draped with a mesh fence. "Look, I have never seen such plump fruit," said Nel, "neither bird nor insect touches these lush groves." The journey continued for days before reaching another setting of fertile gardens and a grove of fig trees. Nel sent a servant to pick him a fig but the servant found Nimrod's guards and returned empty handed. Nel frowned. "Who is this Nimrod that he denies a fig to the prince of Scythia!" King Farsaid's presence was no small thing, for he brought with him a herd of prized arabian horses and many servants and he erected huge camel tents outside the walls of the city. Even so, Nimrod was so enamored with his own importance that he did not notice until the king's tents were well staked and a paddock built for the horses.

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