Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 32

A massive limestone temple was being constructed in the shape of a pyramid with one hundred stone steps. T At the top of the steps were sacrificial altars and the entrance into the edifice. There was a flurry of excitement in the open markets surrounding the complex. All of the peasants were being herded into the city to praise the Great Mahan upon his ceremonious inspection. His grand presence meant that the society would use the coin minted with his face to purchase fish from the fisherman's traps and bread loaves from the farmers. Mahan was proceeded by a walking entertainment of musicians, astrologers and jesters. Priests dressed in white robs and tall hats uttering chants carried odorous incense burners which trailed purple smoke. Members of the society queued according to their exalted rank . They wore a breastplate of red rubies and long purple robes which dragged the ground behind them. Then an embodiment of guards with praying hands cupped towards the Mahan surrounded him on all sides. At the foot of the steps to the temple was the onyx statue of an mystical animal with slit eyes and the ears of a wolf overlooking an altar. The Mahan was brought sitting in a couch to the steps and a bright red carpet sewn with a shiny silver border was spread on the ground before him. A hush was heard as his feet stepped gingerly onto it. He turned to face the crowd. He was a tall boney man with broad shoulders and a high butt. His brown eyes bore were keenly observant as he flashed them about the crowd to assure himself that all eyes were upon him. He had a large hook nose which cast a sinuous shadow over his thick lips. His skin was black and his finger nails were long and shagged was typical of the society. When he raised his scepter high above his shoulders the crowd prostrated themselves by bowing. I was conspicuously standing. Suddenly I felt cold hands on my neck shoving me into the dirt, then dragging me before the Mahan.

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