Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 31

Adam had been dead about two hundred years. The father of all mankind, the great patriach of all the generations. A man who talked personally with God, face to face, lived 940 years. And those who came after him lived for hundreds of years. Perhaps his death finalized the promise in the minds of the children that all men must die because they worked at a fast pace to build cities as a lasting memorial to their existence, and civilizations which ultimately fell. Cain's mafia society flourished in the prideful hearts of those who wanted wealth and recognition without work. They killed and robbed for gain, and swore oaths to preserve the brotherhood. A city was built as the center of fear, greed, pride, violence and the desire for domination. The first politicians emerged with a mouthful of lies and deceit. This political infection was remembered and preached even unto the time of the bombs during my generation which the politicians left in cinders. Their leader was called the great Mahan. He was Cain’s grandson. The city of the mafia society was called Canaugh and sat at the confluence of two rivers which flowed into the ocean. A large limestone wall protected it from outsiders and oaths were sworn to be admitted inside. The location was an important junction for commercial routes and united the East with the West.

The Great Mahan built a palace of some 18,000 square feet. The walls and floors were embellished with all of the precious rubies, diamonds and turquoise found in the region and hidden up by the elite who established a market of high value. Over each doorway were statues of reptilian entities. And the elite were served by many slaves. The surrounding populace of farmers resided outside the wall in abject poverty. If they were found having one of the precious stones, they would be killed for it. This was the first apostasy. It was as familiar to me as the apostasy of my own millennia, except that the government was the great Mahan figure.
Meanwhile, Laboi tracked the countryside. He fell under the influence of the age, becoming more
wild; attacking animals and humans as well, tearing into flesh with his gnarly teeth and
ripping it to shreds . He mated with a lioness. When we reached the west bank of the city, she bore him cubs he gnashed the bones of the males inside his mouth. The evils of past generations taught me to blend in so I stole a plain brown tunic long enough to conceal my sword. My long unkempt beard aged my face and passing as an old man, I walked safely through crowded villages and cities without being assaulted homosexuals or enticed by whores. I assumed an attitude of senility or stupidity and so was shoved aside. Being old has its down side; no one wants to give bread to the useless.

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