Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chapter 15

When the priest of Noah and authority from God did was not pass to him, he rebelled and created his own priesthood. Because of its similarity to the truth, those who still remembered Noah's authority, accepted Nimrod's hoax. So now he walked between the spectators flexing the scepter he carried in his hand while the rings on his toes made clanking sounds. When finally he stopped it was to stand in front of a horizontal stone altar lit with torches spewing with incense. When he raised his arms with the scepter into the air and gave the signal, the women and children were brought to the altar where their throats were cut. The drunken spectators screamed at the vision of blood dripping onto the altar and ran forward to fill their goblets and drink. Nel stood watching the horror, his body convulsing and vomiting. When he alas composed himself and returned to camp, he provided his father with the details. "I sneaked into the city and saw nothing but horrors. There is no honor in remaining among these people and helping them build a tower." Warning: US and International Copyright Restrictions Apply.
"Aye, take not a wife from this Nimrod." "None of the women appeal to me. Let us journey into Egypt and visit the daughters of Pharaoh." The king was pleased. During the long trek across the Asian continent the king's vast stock of horses, mules, goats and sheep suffered for want of grass and thirsted for water. Other caravans crossing the Sinai directed us to an oasis which took us far into the desert. We sojourned there for many weeks before finding the northern sea route into Egypt. Only when we reached Izi did we behold the glory of pharaoh.

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